WatchOS 9

WatchOS 9. The Most Popular new Apple Watch Features From the Public Beta

All Apple Watches starting with Series 4 onward will get the latest update.

It appears that the Apple Watch is getting a major software update, with WatchOS 9, adding in-depth performance metrics, new watch faces, and hints as to what’s coming in the Apple Watch Series 8. Apple Watch Series 8. WatchOS 9’s WatchOS 9 public beta has just been released alongside iOS 16. and iOS 16, which means we have the chance to test many of the features coming ahead of the general release that Who will announce in the autumn. It’s the same timeframe we expect Apple to unveil a new Apple Watch and iPhone 14. iPhone 14.

WatchOS 9 public beta is now available. WatchOS 9 public beta is available to the entire line of Apple Watches from the Series 4 up to Series 4. You’ll require the iOS 16 public beta also installed on your iPhone. The two updates are no-cost downloads available from Apple However; you must be cautious when installing beta software. The features are subject to alteration between this release and the final version, and there could be glitches or insecure elements. If you’re planning on installing the beta for public use, I highly recommend backing your Apple Watch and your iPhone. This is our complete guide on installing this beta.

In all honesty, there are plenty of reasons I’m looking forward to testing in the beta public version. I’ve been testing the developer beta for a few weeks to discover the best features being added to the Apple Watch, and I’ll keep this post updated as I find more information in the public beta and share it with you.

WatchOS 9 looks fresher and more similar to the iPhone.

A thing I noticed upon installing the public beta was the different way notifications appeared when I looked at Apple Watch. Apple Watch. New notifications with a design like those on the iPhone appear at the top of the screen. Notifications will no longer take up all your screens when receiving an email or text message unless the Watch is locked or inactive.

Siri is also a copycat feature similar to the iPhone by placing the icon on the lower right whenever you launch Siri. It’s a virtual assistant. Additionally, I love the ability to swipe up to open the control center, and you can see the font size options. In the past, you had to go into the Settings menu to alter your font’s size.

Who can find a more minor but welcome addition in the widget for a battery that Who can add onto your iOS 16 screen of lock? Now, you can see your battery’s state on the Apple Watch (or AirPods, if you’ve connected them) without having to unlock your phone. It even shows in real-time how charged if you are using the Watch in its charger.

New Watch faces taking advantage of the Apple Watch Series 7 screen size.

There are four brand new face watch faces available to pick from:

  • Metropolitan: A custom clock face that has complicated numbers and complications that move between the two positions as you turn the digital crown
  • Astronomy: More resolution than ever before, and you can check the cloud coverage changes every hour.
  • Playtime: Just like the title implies, huge floating numbers bounce across the screen and change when you tap the screen or turn the crown
  • Lunar: Displays the lunar calendar as you rotate the crown

My preferred face is the portrait display since it is now compatible with pets (it did not work in WatchOS 8). This face can take photographs in portrait mode and allows you to turn the digital crown to let your subject pop up or out of the display and separate from the background. The existing Watch faces such as Activity Analog, Kaleidoscope, and Numerals have been upgraded to allow for complex and elaborate features. It is now easier to read the specifics on the screen, particularly on larger displays like those on the iPhone Watch Series 7.

WatchOS 9 improves the workout app by adding more screens.

The new multisport mode lets you connect up to three or more activities simultaneously without stopping manually, restarting, or adding to another exercise with the “add” “add” option. You could be participating in a triathlon, or you want to run right after you’ve jumped off the bike. WatchOS 9 will automatically detect when you start this new sport and change between various workouts when you’re done and without hands.

Bloomberg has reported that one of the speculated versions available on the Apple Watch Series 8 may be a “Pro” edition with an abrasive finish and is geared toward extreme sports, which is why it’s logical to add multisport capabilities with the latest version.

Those who focus on one sport at a given time are heart rate zones. Your Apple Watch can now show you the heart-rate zone you are in at any moment during your exercise. You’ll be alerted when you go into various zones based on your max heart rate. This can determine the intensity at which you’re working your heart during cardiovascular exercise and if you’re at your maximum. These zones are entirely customizable, and you can modify them by clicking settings > workout > heart rate zones.

The workout screens have been updated to display more information as you move the digital crown instead of the one screen in previous WatchOS versions. Scroll down to view your activity rings to get an overview of your getting better during exercise. I am also thrilled that I now have an elevation view in real-time during an outdoor cycle ride, walk or hike.

WatchOS 9 is built for runners.

The first time it’s the first time that, for the very first time, the Apple Watch will be able to display running form metrics within the workout app. These include stride length, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and a measure of running power. They also appear after you work out within the Activity app on the iPhone.

It is now possible to create customized workouts by clicking the three dots before starting an exercise to establish personal goals for distance and time, which may be more appropriate to your specific training plan. There’s also a new feature called Pacer, which lets you select the distance you want to cover and your desired finish time. Then, the Watch will show you the speed you’ll need to achieve your goal and notify you when you’re in excess or below that speed.

App tweaks and improved dictation

I frequently use Apple’s Dictation program for text messages as it transforms my voice into text. At present, WatchOS 9 goes one step further, automatically inserting punctuation in your sentences as you speak. Rejoice! There’s no need to repeat “period” or “comma” and that uncomfortable “question mark” to manually insert your punctuation. It should be enabled by default. If you don’t, go there: Settings > General > Disposition and then turn on Automatic Punctuation.

Certain native apps also have some user-friendliness improvements, like the Calendar app that allows you to add events directly from your Watch. There’s also an updated view of the week. The Reminders app lets you edit and add them to the Watch, and the Podcasts app allows you to search, make suggestions, follow content, and download episodes to your Watch.

Your iPhone is now able to control as well as mirror the Apple Watch.

Like Assistive Touch in WatchOS 8 lets, you control the Watch using muscles in your arm and hand, Apple Watch Mirroring on WatchOS 9 is a game-changer in terms of accessibility. It lets you mirror your Apple Watch on the iPhone, which means you can manage all aspects of the Watch using your larger iPhone screen. You can even utilize the digital crown as well as the side buttons as well.

When using your iPhone, open the Settings menu, Accessibility, and then Apple Watch Mirroring. You’ll now see a simulation that’s your Apple Watch displayed on your phone. You can also utilize the iPhone’s features, like the ability to control your voice and switches when you aren’t able to press the display.

These are only a few of my favorite new features in WatchOS 9. WatchOS 9 public beta, but there are additional updates worth exploring, such as AFib history, better sleep tracking, which now displays stages of sleep, and reminders to take your medication with the brand new Medications app.

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