There aren't any ads coming on your Android Phone's Lock Screen.

There aren’t any ads coming on your Android Phone’s Lock Screen.

Provider of the lock screen Glance will be launching in the US with no ads.

Android phone owners in the US could get a new lock screen option to select from within the next few months, and it will not include advertisements.

Glance, the company that offers entertainment and content on the lock screen for mobiles located in India and Southeast Asia, just showed its concept lock screen that will be available for Android handsets in the US. The most important thing is that this version of Glance that will launch in the US will be free of ads, Rohan Choudhary, vice general manager and president of the Glance feed, told me.

The announcement came after TechCrunch reported on the 5th of July that Glance would begin its rollout in the US within the next two months. The news also raised questions regarding ads appearing on the locks screens on Android phones. However, Choudhary informed me that Glance will not be advertising on its US version of the service and is instead looking into different options for monetization, like subscriptions and commerce hyperlinks.

We’re very clear in the US that we will not display advertisements on lock screens in any way, Choudhary told me in an interview.

He could not provide details on the date Glance will go live in the US, which smartphones the platform will launch for, or what carriers it will work with. It will be exclusively Android when it launches in the US.

The company also demonstrated how the lock-screen platform would appear similar to the US. The company will adopt the approach of spaces, which displays contents within the display related to a specific subject or particular interest.

A space for sports like this might show highlights from a recent match or live updates that are in real-time. A fitness space could show your steps counter and a suggested playlist, while taxi spaces could show the estimated time to reach your destination or suggest an interactive game. Who will display these spaces over the lock screen’s wallpaper image? Users will also be able to turn off their Glance lock screen for phones that have it, as per Choudhary.

We’re working on converting the phone so that it can provide more excellent utility regardless of the zone you are in that day, Choudhary explained.

Glance released the press release following the time this article was published, further describing its space approach and the strategy for monetization.

The growth of the Glance app in the US is yet another indicator that lock screens are changing to become more than the protection of our personal information but also an option to check the time. The revamped lock screen on the iPhone is the main area that will be the focus within iOS 16, the latest mobile software update released in the autumn. As the update launches, iPhone owners will be equipped to add Apple Watch-like widgets on their lock screen and alter the fonts and colors.

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